With the vast array of security systems and equipment available today, making the right choice and implementing an effective security policy is becoming increasingly difficult. Wilton Associates are able to offer independent advice to ensure that strategy’s and procedures operate in accordance with your commercial or business activities.



Risk Assessment


All Homes and Business premises face some degree of security risk. This risk can vary from negligable to very high. Assessing the level of that risk, and the potential threat that risk places on your business activities, is the basis for establishing an effective security policy. Once a security policy has been established, effective control measures can be implemented to reduce the risks.

We can complete risk assessments for clients and provide a detailed report outlining any potential threats to your business operations. The report will highlight areas of risk and include suggested measures to reduce that risk.



Security System Audits


Security Systems are in common use in most businesses and increasingly in private homes. These vary enormously in complexity from a simple alarm system to complex integrated systems, which may include CCTV and remote monitoring.

Many systems installed over a period of time have become obsolete and the requirements of both your business activities and the security of your site will change over time. Poor maintenance is another frequent area of concern – do you know if your system is working properly? This is often not discovered until an intruder puts the systems to the test.

An audit of your security systems by one of our experienced consultants will ensure that your security systems performance and effectiveness is still commensurate with the level of risk. A detailed report of findings with recommendations for any alterations or improvements will be provided.

If remedial work is required, our Security Systems division - WILTON SECURITY SYSTEMS will be able to provide you with a competitive quotation for all forms of physical and electronic security.