Electronic Surveillance, Eavesdropping, 'Bugging', whatever you want to call it, it is a very real threat in the modern commercial environment. To counter that threat you may need to employ 'Counter-Eavesdropping' procedures or Technical Surveillance Counter Measures.


The technology that has placed eavesdropping devices at the disposal of virtually everyone, has also made detection equipment widely available. But we’d venture to suggest that an inexperienced operator with an impressive looking detector stands no comparison with our equipment, or more importantly our experience. 

Firstly there should be a 'Vulnerability Assessment', to assess what part of your business is most open to attack. If you think your business is at threat, there are some basics that should be addressed first.

What is the physical security of your building like?

Is it sufficient? 

Who is most likely to want to undertake such an attack to obtain information? 

How could they achieve it? 

What resources do they have at their disposal?



Eavesdropping Techniques


There are basically two methods of electronic eavesdropping; devices that are able to monitor the audio signals(speech etc) in a particular area, frequently referred to as 'Bugs'. The second method employs devices that are connected to communications equipment (Telephones, Fax machines, Computers) normally referred to as 'Taps'. These can be physical modifications to your existing telecommunications wiring providing a 'Hard Wire' connection to monitoring equipment, or radio transmitters connected to communication lines.

The capability and sophistication of such devices vary enormously in their capability to obtain audio data and the ability to either record data locally or transmit the data to an external location. It is therefore a fundamental requirement to identify these 'Bugs' and 'Taps' at source, either by the physical detection of 'Taps' attached to existing equipment, or by examination of the radio frequency spectrum to detect radio signals transmitting from your premises.




As an example of how common listening devices are you should be aware that there is now a proliferation of GSM based 'Bugs' available on the internet Cheap, disposable and easy to conceal.


 (Just Google 'GSM Bugs') available for under £30 and are not illegal to purchase in the UK !!!!!!!!








Counter Eavesdropping




Detection of such devices is performed by techniques known as - Technical Surveillance Counter Measures. The 'Electronic examination ' of your premises should only normally be performed once a threat analysis has been completed and a physical search of vulnerable areas of your facility,for transmitters, has been undertaken. The final 'Sweep' of your premises for illegal radio transmitters etc. is the most complex part of the Counter Measures investigation. Modern eavesdropping devices can be very sophisticated and employ numerous different methods to avoid detection. For this reason it is vital that the 'Sweep' is conducted by experienced and technically competent operatives, using the very latest computer based equipment, able to detect the latest generation of 'smart' transmitters.


We use the very latest Counter Eavesdropping equipment to ensure that we provide you with the confidence that your not at risk.

The Solution


WILTON ASSOCIATES operate a full scale consultancy service based on experience gained in protecting ‘Blue Chip’ companies and sensitive UK government offices.


The company operates worldwide and has completed successful operations in the Middle East, North America and most of Europe.

If there’s a chance of your meeting room or home being overlooked or your conversations being overheard, we’ll identify the risk and recommend totally effective counter-measures.

While we prefer to report that your premises are clear and secure, you may be interested to know that we do find listening devices, and frequently identify potential threats.

During the sweep our team will physically search all possible places where a device may be concealed. Using the latest electronic technology we will analyze all radio signals within the building and thoroughly investigate any signals that are not easily explained. Using a non-linear junction detector we can even find transmitters which are not active at the time of the inspection. In addition, the telephone and electrical systems will be inspected for signs of tampering or the concealment of illicit taps.

Finally, on conclusion, we will issue a detailed report and make recommendations for the prevention of loss of information. This will range from the security of the building, the removal of sensitive rubbish, the control of internal information, to computer and telecommunications security.


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