When only the best is good enough !



We have always adopted the principle that we as a service provider, we need to invest heavily in modern technology, to provide our clients with the very best solutions to today's sophisticated and technologically advanced threats to their business interests.


It is vitally important that any company offering counter-eavesdropping services, keeps up to date with new equipment that is being constantly developed and refresh their equipment annually.  In 2017 we invested over £60,000 in new, state-of-the art equipment including the new Scanlock M3, with additional equipment purchased in 2018.

As a provider of Counter-Eavesdropping services for over 30 years, to a number of blue-chip companies and high-profile, vulnerable and Government organisations, it is important that we are able to provide the most effective and reliable solutions to protect our valued clients from a range of threats including intellectual property theft and counter surveillance from eavesdropping devices. With technology changing all the time we must and will continue to ensure that we remain one step ahead of those who could do your business harm and threaten our credibility.


That is why we will continue to invest to ensure that with our long experience, expertise and dedication, we will ensure that you have the latest, cutting-edge solutions available and the peace of mind that your interests are being protected at all times.


This computer-aided system, is also able to memorise the 'radio-footprint' of your premises, showing and recording all background and ambient Radio interference. This means that comparisons can be made during subsequent searches of your premises enabling immediate identification of any 'New' radio signals that were not present during earlier searches.